Prototypes and early models

The early models of Kaweco, within the timeframe that I'm considering, are quite unknown. I could find some of them but the information is not abundant.

Metallic Lacquered Prototypes

There were some prototypes made while experimenting with lacquering the plastic. But the finish wasn't perfect neither long-lasting. 5 or 10 units of each were made. Unknown number of colors. No imprint on the cap. Unknown dates, (199?). They were never into regular production [mail exchange with Michael Gutberlet, CEO of Kaweco]. These prototypes had matte silver barrel and section, with steel nibs, the only variation was the cap color. They feature a natural colour steel nib with Kaweco logo engraved on it. The medallion with the logo, on the top of the cap is silver coloured. I know about 4 colors made (all in my collection):

  • Lacquered Prototype Green;

  • Lacquered Prototype Gold;

  • Lacquered Prototype Blue;

  • Lacquered Prototype Purple.

Kaweco Prototype Green

Kaweco Prototype Gold

Kaweco Prototype Blue

Kaweco Prototype Purple

Kaweco AL Sport Chiseled

[to be completed]

Kaweco AL Sport Chiseled (2 wavy lines)

Kaweco AL Sport Chiseled (4 wavy lines)

(Image from

Early versions (without Kaweco Sport imprint)

I have no information about these pens. No time frame or production numbers or even names. I only know about the (probable) existence of 3:

  • The "Black with silver pattern" I show bellow. I got the fountain pen but I know the ballpen was also available. It has the silver colored nib and silver coloured medallion on top of the cap. There is no "KawecoSport" engraving on the cap. There is a "reticulated" silver imprint on alternate facets of the cap;

  • There is a blue ballpen with the imprint of the United States of America flag (image from The existence of this pen makes me firmly believe that a fountain pen version was made at same time. In that page it is described as a pen from 2009. However this date seems to be too late.;

  • A "Soap Green with colored imprint". This pen is in its way to me, the image will be added bellow when I receive it.

Kaweco Sport "Black with silver pattern"

Kaweco Sport "Blue with American flag"

(image from

Kaweco Sport "Soap Green with "Keith Haring" imprint"

Trekking, Ranger, Yacht Sport

In 1995 happens the new start of the Kaweco Sport under the name of Trekking, Ranger and Yacht Sport. Injection molded macralon in colours green, beige and blue for outdoor market. It was available with Schmidt steel nib as F, M and B. It was available as fountain pen, refill roller, ballpen and 3.15 clutch pencil.1

I only have one of the pens from this collection - the Ranger shown bellow. This pen has no marking to identify it as a Kaweco, not even as pen from the Sport line, except for the design. The printing on the cap is only "Ranger® Germany". The nib is a regular Schmidt nib without Kaweco branding. Two additional details are interesting and differ from many other Kaweco Sport pens made after: 1- the section hasn't the same colour as the rest of the pen (it is black) and, 2- on top of the cap the gold colored metallic medallion that usually has the Kaweco logo has a "Sheriff" star.

  • Kaweco Trekking Sport (beige);

  • Kaweco Yacht Sport (blue);

  • Kaweco Ranger Sport (green).

Kaweco Trekking Sport, Kaweco Yacht Sport and Kaweco Ranger Sport

(image from Kaweco-Sport-Historie.pdf)

Kaweco Ranger Sport

Kaweco Trekking Sport

Kaweco Yacht Sport (image from Kaweco-Sport-Historie.pdf)

Unidentified model

Kaweco Sport - unidentified series - (image from Alf Jung, edited)

Early Kaweco Sport with unusual pattern. Unknown series. This pen is engraved "KawecoSport" on the cap and has chrome trim.

1 Kaweco-Sport-Historie.pdf