This website is an information resource about Kaweco Sport pens. It is has no affiliation with the Kaweco brand, it is just a personal website that results from my love with the Kaweco Sport model, my personal collection and my activity on Youtube as OdE.

It is here to help you if you are a collector. To provide extra information about the history of the model if you are seeking for knowledge. Or to feed your Kaweco madness if you are already crazy about the brand!


This website is still a work in progress. This is why some information will be missing as well as many extra images that will be used to illustrate specific aspects, details and accessories.

This page is the result of many years of collecting and researching about Kaweco Sport fountain pens. I learned a lot while exchanging ideas with the members of the Kaweco fans community.

After thinking about the creation of this resource for collectors - first I thought about a .pdf publication - I decided to publish it as a website to be released in the 1st February 2021, no matter how incomplete it still is by that date. I hope this information will be useful. Enjoy!

This site will focus on the fountain pens of Kaweco Sport models since the current administration relaunched the brand in the 1980s, and is mostly based on the document published by Kaweco "Kaweco-Sport-Historie.pdf", at least for now, Maybe later in time it will be possible to inlcude a wider range of Kaweco products.

And now, let the madness begin!

Links for 2021 and 2017 catalogues now working:

New on Kaweco Madness:

Photo of Kaweco Collection Dark Olive

This pen was announced on 11.08.2021 and will be officially released at 25.08.2021. Image adapted and modified from advertising material from Kaweco

Before on Kaweco Madness:

Photo of Kaweco Sport Violet Galen Leather SE uploaded and some minor information updates

This pen was released in May 2021 and it is already sold out. Image from: Galen Leather

Exclusive Edition Kaweco AL Sport Orange for P.W.Akkerman

This pen was not yet releaseed. However it can be pre-ordered at: P. W. Akkerman

Older Kaweco Sport...

Co-branding Liganova x Kaweco

Kaweco x Nomos

image provided by Nomos Glashütte

Kaweco x Heldbergs

image provided by Heldbergs

Wrong imprint on Kaweco Collection Light Lavender

click the image above for extra information

New images of Kaweco Sport by Diplomat!

image provided by Fontoplumo

Kaweco Collection!

Latest updates

16.08.2021 - 2021 and 2017 catalogues now available.

11.08.2021 - Image of Kaweco Collection Dark Olive uploaded

04.05.2021 - Image of Kaweco Sport Violet Galen Leather SE uploaded and some minor corrections

06.05.2021 - 2020 and 2019 catalogues now available.

05.05.2021 - Information about the release of the Kaweco AL Sport Akkerman Orange.

14.03.2021 - Images of early "Keith Haring" Kaweco Sport added.

14.03.2021 - Images of Liganova x Kaweco added.

14.03.2021 - Additional images of Kaweco x Helbergs added.

14.03.2021 - Additional images of Kaweco x Nomos added.

23.02.2021 - Images of Kaweco x Nomos added.

19.02.2021 - Images of Kaweco x Helbergs added.

19.02.2021 - New page "Kaweco co-branding" created.

17.02.2021 - "Kaweco Sport" imprint on "Kaweco Collection" Light Lavender caps.

17.02.2021 - New photo of Kaweco Sport by Diplomat Green uploaded.

03.02.2021 - Inclusion of the Kaweco Collection page.

01.02.2021 - Launch of Kaweco Madness.